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Big Time


Big Time is a multiplayer action RPG that makes collectable NFTs accessible to everyone


10 things that beginners must know before playing the game


Big Time has reached the ruby pre-alpha! In the future,there will be many players gradually joining in, so we summarized 10 tips here to help new players get started quickly.

The game is currently in the pre-alpha, with only one mainland and the basic brush  instance zones. The worldview, mission system, friend system, mount system, personal meta universe, equipment creation and token acquisition are not online yet. Please wait patiently!

1. Basic operation of the game


Move: The game and most action playing games use the W, A, S, D four direction keys, the space is the jump key, and the SHIFT key for accelerates.

Attacks: Attacks are divided into ordinary attacks and strong attacks, which are left and right mouse buttons respectively. Different consecutive clicks can form different combos. (For example: the mage can release a shock wave to repel the surrounding enemies by clicking the left and right buttons three times)


Skills and consumables: The default keys for skills and consumables are 1 to 0. Players can press the ESE key and change the binding hotkey in the settings.

Game perspective: Move the mouse and mouse wheel to control the distance of the camera.

Block: Q key by default (block only when equipped with shield)

Interaction: Most interactions in the game use the E key.

Switch weapons: Because you can carry two weapons, players can use the F key to switch weapons.

Teaming and chatting: Press the P key to enter the teaming interface, and press the ENTER key to open the chat box.

Backpack: The backpack can be opened with TAB or I, and the skill tree and NFT inventory are also in it.

Action: Z, X, C, V, B are action shortcut keys by default.

2. Game World View


Big Time is a multiplayer RPG adventure game that combines fast action combat, NFT collection and spanning history.

Story setting: One day in the future, human technology has reached a singularity. A large number of robots have been made to serve human beings, but a robot factory inadvertently created wormholes. Wormholes lead to chaos in different time and space, and produce many monsters.

The player's time and space is called Time's End. It is a place not affected by wormholes. Historical figures, including Einstein, have come here to seek refuge. He provides us with a time machine, which can travel through different time and space to investigate the truth of the wormhole event, eliminate monsters and rebuild the stability of the timeline

Because it is the theme of time travel, you can see many historical characters in the game, such as Genghis Khan, the trainer of soldiers; The assassin's trainer is a famous female ninja of the Warring States Period of Japan who has watched the moon for thousands of generations; The trainer of the mage is Merlin, the most powerful wizard in the myth of King Arthur.

The setting of the future world includes the Warring States Period of Japan, the opening up of the western United States, the ancient Atlantis, etc. This land full of fantasy and wonder is waiting for you to explore!

3. Different occupations and their advantages and disadvantages

Big Time has a dynamic career system that allows players to customize games according to their favorite game style, and at the same time, allows players to upgrade the same role in multiple career paths, and instantly switch to the desired career. In the game, there are 4 occupations, namely, time warrior, time warlock, shadow blade and quantum therapist.


Time warrior (barbarian): sweep the enemy with aggressiveness and brute force, with high AOE damage and openness; Advantages: The roaring of invincibility, excellent tank attributes and sarcasm skills can protect teammates, and the super buff bonus of death lords can fight against disadvantages: short hands, slow attack speed, and CD packs.

Chronomancer(Mage): good at using magic to carry out remote destruction, and its control over time power enables them to achieve their goals accurately; Advantages: Long range attack with magic wand, good control skills, strong continuous output ability, and the ceiling of the current version of DPS; Disadvantages: slow equipment forming, crisp.

Shadow Blade (Ninja): It can be invisible. They move silently in the shadow and launch a devastating strike like lightning when approaching prey; Advantages: fast running, easy to pull teammates by stealth, and effective monster cleaning with high explosive nuclear bomb skills. Disadvantages: Close combat but very fragile.

Quantum Fixer (Healer/Support): They can heal friendly troops. They act as field doctors and gadget makers to provide support for front-line soldiers; Advantages: All in one, improve team endurance and fault tolerance; Disadvantages: need to cooperate with teammates.


4. The strongest skills of the four occupations

Time warrior: Death Lord (kill enemies to strengthen himself), Roar of Invincibility (invincible for 18 seconds and return HP when attacked)

Chronomance: Arcane Storm (high damage range skill, suitable for clearing strange groups), Fire Fan (short CD, suitable for tasks), Time Stop (large scale stagnation of the enemy's time)

Shadow Blade: Time Bomb (super high damage skill, called nuclear bomb)

Quantum Fixer: Cool grenade (reduce CD), advanced door (4 buffs can be stacked)

5. pocket watch system


The pocket watch is equivalent to the role in Big Time. There are 4 types of pocket watches (which have been introduced above).

Each kind of professional pocket watch has 9 kinds of rarity. The rarer the pocket watch, the stronger the initial attribute it provides and will bring its own advanced skills. The more advanced the copy, the more likely it is to drop the rare pocket watch

You can switch the pocket watch to change careers at any time outside of the instance zones.

6. Skill tree and Gear system


Players can add some skills they want to upgrade in the skill tree. Dark skills need to be upgraded or some skills can be unlocked only when they are upgraded to a certain level. The character will get one skill point and two attribute points every time it is upgraded.

The time warrior meets the requirements of equipment attributes, they should give priority to improving their strength and vitality under the premise of ensuring the accuracy improvement brought by agility, and keep their shields on their F key at any time to preserve the survival of the team.

The chronomancer suggested to increase the amount of blood, keep a blood bottle and speed up potion.

The shadowblade suggested adding some wisdom to ensure the intelligence damage under the condition that the normal equipment can be worn. Standing accelerating potions and various blue medicines.

The quantum fixer should give more suggestions. Under the condition of wearing normal equipment, she should be highly intelligent, appropriately increase vitality, and always have all kinds of blue drugs for acceleration.


Gears (translated as parts) are equipment used to provide skills (also provide some attributes). They can be equipped on pocket watches

7. How to break three kinds of shields

The monsters in the game have three kinds of shields, pink shield, blue shield and yellow armor.


One handed sword with shield and two handed sword are suitable for breaking pink shield, two handed axe and two handed sword are suitable for breaking blue shield, and two handed staff, one handed hammer and two handed hammer are suitable for breaking yellow armor.

Different skills will have different shield breaking effects.


8. The current distribution of the game on the mainland


The main world map of the game currently has three continents:Mangrove area, Swamp area and Snow area.

The instance zone level in the region increases as shown in the figure. Each area is divided into two areas.

Mangrove area: rusting forest (1-14) and dusky forest (1-14)

Swamp area: no man‘s land (14-44) and waste lands (14-34)

Snow area: ice and icy wastes (7-45) and icy castle (22-51)

Although the game currently has the function of a small map, players who enter the game for the first time will still easily get lost and can't find the direction, and there are also some shortcuts between different regions in the game. Therefore, it is better to let the old players lead the map to get familiar with the terrain and routes before starting a personal campaign.

9. Introduction to several tasks in the replica

The current tasks in the replica are:

  • Plant research: players need to find 4 locations on the map and collect target plants.
  • Kill the fauna: kill 5 peaceful creatures randomly generated in the map without attack. These creatures generally have no monsters or birthpoints nearby.
  • Demolition: Demolition of bombs at designated destinations. The bomb locations are fixed so that teammates can stand in advance.
  • Search for the detector: It is a fixed location, just like the bomb dismantlement mission.
  • Collect research data: Collect research points in limited time by killing monsters.
  • Kill guards: Kill a certain number of guards according to the map instructions. (The guards are not the same kind of monster. The guards on different maps are different, but the target monster has a red inverted triangle on its head.)
  • Soul Collection: Collect a certain number of souls after killing enemies in a fixed area

10. Skill of brushing monsters


In the game, all monsters may drop NFT when they die, but large monsters have a higher probability of exploding NFT.

Therefore, brushing more Gauda or big beetles will have a better chance to obtain NFT. The number of monsters in the dungeon is related to the number of people in the dungeon. The more people there are, the more monsters there are, and the more difficult there are. This means that the team should try to gather 6 people before playing, so as to ensure maximum time efficiency.

After the team is formed, it is suggested that the team members can find the gate separately. After finding the gate, they can use the transmission potion to transmit the teammates to their own side, which can save a lot of time. The difficulty of different doors also varies. The one with two skeletons on the door is the most difficult. After the version, the difficulty of the monster is greatly increased, and the upgrade difficulty is also increased. When the monster level is higher than the player, the damage it causes will also have an additional bonus.


Therefore, it is recommended that players try to find dungeons with the same or lower level as themselves when they are not skilled.

After entering the door, quickly go to the task location of the predecessor task. The tasks of picking flowers, dismantling bombs, finding detectors, and killing small animals can let the team members look for each other separately, just find the target, and don't spend too much time fighting small monsters; When fighting elite monsters, some monsters are more difficult, so you can send your teammates to fight together; When encountering Gouda and the big beetle, it is recommended that the team members attack together and share with each other to maximize the benefits.

The team members can act separately to find the BOSS room. After one person finds the room, they can send their teammates to the door of the BOSS room to reduce the waiting time. Try not to pull too much strange hatred, or you may fail to fight because there are too many strange enemies, and the whole army will be destroyed without the help of your teammates, leading to the failure of the challenge.


When fighting in melee, you must always pay attention to the monster's damage and teammate's HP. Frequent use of the blood regeneration tree can effectively protect the team's safety.

When fighting, soldiers and priests are responsible for creating a safe output environment for teammates; Soldiers can rush into the monster pile, actively pull hatred, and let the monster focus on themselves; The priest keeps an eye on the soldier's blood volume and throws various recovery and protection skills on his head to ensure the life safety of the soldier; It is better to have one mage with control skill, and then three mages can safely output at the edge, causing damage explosion.

A teammate can be pulled up within 15 seconds after falling to the ground (similar to PUBG). If he is not pulled up within 15 seconds, he can only go to the resurrection point to resurrect his teammate. After resurrection, the dead will be reborn at the resurrection point. The resurrection point disappears after being used. There are generally 2-3 resurrection points in a dungeon.

In order to avoid group extinction, you can actively press G to die when falling to the ground, and let the only surviving teammate go to the resurrection point to resurrect all the players.

Supplement: equipment attribute points and Rank requirements.

Due to the recent balance adjustment, the equipment requirements may change frequently. Please understand

Every pocket watch has Rank's requirements. Rank is the experience points accumulated by players and has nothing to do with pocket watches.

Each piece of equipment will have requirements for pocket watch level and attribute points


If the requirement is not met, it will be displayed in red in the library, that is, this equipment cannot be installed.

Generally speaking, the equipment of the corresponding profession will have higher requirements for the corresponding advantage attributes of the profession (for example, the staff will have higher requirements for intelligence), so when selecting equipment, try to choose the equipment of the corresponding profession. Of course, as long as the attribute points are reached, you can also equip equipment for other classes.


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